martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Worst fashions in 2009

I'm not used to make lists, but i think it would be very useful to remember in this case (and forgive to the eternity if it is possible) the top three worst fashions in 2009.


-Harem pants. 

- Lady Gaga.

No estoy acostumbrada a hacer listas, pero son muy útiles para recordar en este caso( y olvidar para la eternidad si es posible) las peores modas de 2009.


-Pantalones ''cagaos''

-Lady Gaga.

What is the worst fashion in 2009 for you?/¿Cual es la peor moda del 2009 para ti?

New Colaboration

As you can see we've changed the presentation of the blog. All is thanks to MC, my new colaborator. I hope we both can give you the best of our fashion ideas throughout this year and the next ones!

New updates soon!

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